USA Space Exploration lapse

The US must establish a permanent colony on the Moon as a stepping stone to manned Mars exploration. It’s true that robots are an essential part of space exploration, but humans must establish a small Moon colony to learn & get adjusted to, long term human extraterrestrial habitation.Moon colonization is sensible because it’s relatively close in relation to Earth & once this Moon colony is successful & self sustaining, It’ll allow us to devote the majority of our extraterrestrial attention to manned Mars exploration & eventual Mars colonization.

While we mustn’t rush into this project, Dragging our heels will only give foreign powers a better chance of surpassing America in the space race. The space race isn’t over by a long shot & we Americans must get our butts in gear pronto!

America is so mired in political bickering & foreign disputes, That our greatness is utterly stagnating. So lets get our butts in gear & work towards restoring & maintaining Americas greatness!!

None of this is from arrogance, I’m just fed up with how Americas greatness is being tarnished to appease the whiners who act like America should be the worlds savior yet then these same whiners begrudge America for helping!

Americans need to get excited about space exploration again. It’s quite true that there’s still much to learn about Earth, but we can continue to learn about Earth without neglecting the exploration of outer space!

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